NOTE: Changing a tacked folder/drive is only possible on a Sto Go+ or Sto Pro account plan. If you would like to enjoy this feature please click the “Upgrade” option from the StoAmigo App menu.

Step 1: Click on the StoAmigo App icon (located in the system tray in Windows or the menu bar on macOS)

Windows system tray                 Menu bar Mac

Step 2: From the StoAmigo App menu, click the ‘Show Tacked Folder’ option.

Step 3: You can see which folder/drive is being tacked (greyed out). Click the “Change Tacked Folder” option

Step 4: From the “Browse For Folder” window navigate to the folder or drive you want to tack and click the “Ok” button. Note: Folders that are hidden or are shortcuts cannot be tacked.

After a few moments StoAmigo will tack the folder or drive you chose in Step 4. You will see the location of the new folder/drive in the StoAmigo App menu.